About O'Kiosk

CEMOSoft O'Kiosk platforms for businesses (Brands/CPG, Hospitality, Retail) to manage local inventory/fire-sell and innovate new commerce-channel. O'Kiosk allows businesses to extend reach with new expanded locations (Example public places, Airport lounges, Tennis/Golf pro-shops).

Given Covid19 Pandemic, O'Kiosk allows customers to new shopping experiences including touch free, contactless and selection pickup/drop-off locations. Businesses can complement existing sell channels : physical-store/outlet, online presence and App with O'Kiosk virtual mobile smart phone/tablet capabilities to dynamically manage premise inventory anytime anywhere, and customers can order-to-delivery in real time, using personal mobile smart phone or tablets. Write to O'Kiosk@cemosoft.com.

CEMOSoft allows restaurants, hotels and resorts the capability to promote social-distancing, contactless ordering, real time communication between manager-operation team-Chef and the customer. Retail businesses can at-a-local store level deploy O'Kiosk to promote contactless engagement involving ordering-to-delivery (curbside or valet) and improve safety to customer, thus position business to "Bring Customer Back To Store". Our Cloud, Cloud-Edge IOT/NUC solutions are implemented very fast and provides easy manageability to business managers.

Allows business to build catalog-items on the fly (dynamic) and get customer to order and select delivery locations in real time. Stary using in days