Auto Dealers/Services

CEMOSoft LLC's vision for Auto industries - sales/service departments or product level is "Engage Customers and increase Service levels". CEMOSoft has 2 platform for Auto dealers to deploy "CEM" and O'Kiosk" at a dealer salesshowroom or service waiting room.

CEMOSoft addresses the needs such as:

  • engage Millennials/Gen-Z, nurture relationships thus build brands,
  • listen-act immediately to improve customer experience,
  • notify omnichannel to improve operations,
  • use/deploy emerging technologies and
  • build 'customer-centric' big data for digital marketing programs.

CEMOSoft Customer Experience Management "CEM" allows Auto retailers to engage customer with mobile phones. CEM allows Auto business to enter questions of importance to ask customer, upload advertisement image, enter reward and email of a partner, supplier, even a sales or repair supervisor. Customers provide Insight, see advertisement, get their reward. Businesses get Customer Insights, immediately notify a partner, salesperson/repair shop of customer insight so remediation is possible prior to leaving premise.

CEMOSoft "O'Kiosk" has Ordering-2-Delivery capabilities. O'Kiosk allows sales retailer manager to modify listed vehicles in real time using our proprietary dashboard capabilities. O'Kiosk allows consumers to Lookup vehicles, SelectOrder and Delivery, provide Insight, see Advertising, get Reward. O'Kiosk can accelerates sales process, improves customer experiences with a touchscreen monitor and an Intel® NUC (mini PC) running Windows.

CEMOSoft is an ASSOCIATE member of Intel Corp's IOT Solutions Alliance. CEMOSoft is implemented in 3 ways:

  • Cloud-Mobile (hours),
  • Cloud-Kiosk (days) with Intel® NUC, and
  • Cloud-Edge with Intel® IOT Gateway.

CEMOSoft Cloud-Edge is made possible with relationship with Intel Corporation and members of IOTSA. Newer capabilities -- such as, data processed at edge (Auto showroom), data stored on edge and cloud, and managed transmission to corporate cloud server (during times when costs are lower) -- are made feasible for Auto dealership business. Workload consolidation, improved latency, managed costs are few highlights of an Edge implementation for retailer.

For a CEMOSoft demonstration or pilot implementation at your business, click here