About CEMOSoft

CEMOSoft LLC is based in Chandler, Arizona. CEMOSoft focus is Customer Experience Management ("CEM"). CEMOSoft innovations capabilities with emerging technologies addresses the needs to businesses to engage consumers and deliver newer customer experiences. CEMOSoft platform of product portfolio includes: CEM, O'Kiosk and PatNX.

CEMOSoft "CEM" allows businesses to engage customer for Insight, Advertising, Omnichannel, Reward and Analytics. CEM helps businesses gather customer intelligence and build big 'smart' data.

CEMOSoft "O'Kiosk" allows businesses to engage customer for Ordering, Delivery, Product Registration and CEM product capabilities. With O'Kiosk a retail business can allow a manager to upload/modify product-sku, picture-image, description and price dynamically for customer to look, order and pickup at strategic locations in area. Customers inquisitiveness accentuates with a Kiosk Product sku update to enable frequent visit to store. "O'Kiosk" vision for retailers: "Bring Customers Back to Store".

CEMOSoft PatNX - 'Patient Engagement and Experience' platform allows medical practices/clinics/small rural hospitals to engage 3-Ps: Patient, Provider, and the Physicianteam to get a single-view of patient record, anytime, anywhere, any device. PatNX is real time, dynamic, and configurable with ability to integrate with 3rd party systems with EDI/APIs. CEMOSoft PatNX is cloud mobile and can be deployed in days at your clinic/practice. PatNX helps health-businesses, build 'patient' centric big data.

CEMOSoft is a 'Associate' member of Intel Corporation IOT Solutions Alliance. CEMOSoft also offer three ways to implement

  • Cloud-Mobile
  • Cloud EDGE computing with Intel® IOT Gateway, and
  • Cloud Kiosk implementation with Intel® NUC (Next Unit of Computer) and a touchscreen monitor