CEMOSoft "PatNX" engages Patient-Physician and Provider

CEMOSoft LLC introduces "PatNX" to the US healthcare industry - a Cloud Mobile platform. "PatNX" - Patient Engagement and Experience management platform allows for newer ways (mobile, Kiosk) to engage patient, manage patient record, and also integrate information across systems.

CEMOSoft's "PatNX" - Patient Engagement and Experience platform, for medical practices/clinics/hospitals addresses the need shared by healthcare professionals "Need Single-View of Patient Record anytime, anywhere, any device "*. PatNX can be used by a single or multi-physician group practice or small rural clinic/hospital with multiple locations.

PatNX Cloud platform allows 3 P's - Patient, Physician/team (Front Office, Medical Assistant, Nurse, etc) and Provider to engage and access Patient record across patient journey from sickness to well health. PatNX platform can be accessed by Patient, Provider, Physician team using mobile smart phone/tablet or mac or PC or laptop or a Kiosk. PatNX is real-time, dynamic and configurable platform. CEMOSoft can be integrated with CMS/ONC and 3rd party systems using EDI/APIs. CEMOSoft helps builds the big data for future healthcare marketing programs, such as D2C, Personalized Medicine etc.

PatNX can be implemented in any 3 ways:

  • PatNX Cloud Mobile is implemented in Cloud at GoDaddy, or IBM Cloud, or your cloud to engage Patient, Provider and Physician team with mobile tablet/phone or iPad/iPhone.
  • PatNX Cloud Edge is implemented with an Intel® IOT Gateway to allow for data processing and storage on Edge and helps to manage transmission costs and improve latency (data speed to patient device). Intel IOT accelerates health innovation and few highlights include: Performance optimized for health, Seamless connectivity of data between patient devices and Edge to Cloud, and consolidation of data to improve RoI.
  • PatNX Cloud Kiosk is implemented with an Intel® NUC (Next Unit of Computing) and a touchscreen monitor (deployed in lobby, triage station, patient rooms)

Contact to schedule your demo at event, email demo@cemosoft.com