Future Events

Self Service Innovation Summit Dec 8-9, 2020

CEMOSoft LLC offers "Customer Experience" AI platforms for businesses Brands/CPG-CG-CE, Hospitality, Retailer and more. These platforms enable businesses pursuing Digital Transformation journey (we term this "Digitization") with innovation capabilities and emerging technologies.

CEM Series to engage customer, gather customer-insights and build big data for growth programs.

Covid S2E allows business to screen those entering premise for “safer environment”.

O’Kiosk - Order-to-Delivery Kiosk - enables to manage items/sku information. Customers with mobile can look-up, order, select pick-up location, for a touchless, contactless, virtual experience, “Beyond Curbside”.


CEMOSoft is an innovation platform of newer capabilities with emerging technologies (Mobile, Cloud, Intelligent Software, IOT-Edge, NUC-KIOSK, Big Data Analytics) as enablers for the healthcare industry. CEMOSoft focus is Patient Engagement and Experience (“PatNX”) to provide healthcare businesses (single physician, group, HMOs, Satellite/Rural facilities), newer ways to engage patient, manage experience and integrate information seamlessly with EHRs.