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About CEMOSoft

CEMOSoft LLC is based in Chandler, Arizona. CEMOSoft focus is Customer Experience Management ("CEM"). CEMOSoft innovations capabilities with emerging technologies addresses the needs to businesses to engage consumers and deliver newer customer experiences.

What is CEMOSoft

Why CEMOSoft

CEMOSoft Platforms



Customer Experience Management platform to get unrivaled customer insights for retail and hospitality sectors.



CEMO platform engages customers for customer insights, advertisement, omnichannel, reward, thus builds big data for future growth programs (D2C, Personalization, Preferences. .... AI).



O’Kiosk platform enables customers with mobile smartphone manage Order-To-Deliver for contactless, touchfree shopping experiences.


PatNX for Health

PatNX the innovative revolutionary platform to empower consumer-patient connect with Physician and Providers.

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CEMOSoft provides innovative solutions based on Big Data, AI and IoT to Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare sectors. Corporates can provide a new Level of customer experience by deploying these solutions on the cloud. The deep AI learning modules enables Corporates to enrich their level of customer insight. These solutions can be customized to meet specific needs of the Corporate.